About me

I have more than 7 years of experience in large scale projects impacting thousands of users. Experienced in web application development for companies of various fields.


I've done HTML, CSS & JS development for the following clients:

I've worked with the following technologies:


  • Self service portal for postal service provider's business clients
    React, Redux, Typescript, custom component development
  • Fintech application for invoice management and workflows
    React, Redux, Typescript, custom component development

React Native/Expo


  • Remato.com mobile & web application Development of custom components for mobile & desktop views, integration of REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Prototyping framework for UX/UI analysts
    Features custom components & flexible CSS components for quick prototyping. Automated component registration based on folder structure. Automated routing & sub-routing of pages.
  • Gallery & calendar modules inside Liferay portlet
    Basic gallery solution with image upload, album viewing & lightbox. Custom birthday and event calendar for company's intranet (~7000 employees)


  • A web application for a pharmacy.
    Features: a public website with custom CMS, an application for entering & managing data for medicines, an application used in the sales process, displaying real time data about client's purchase (in ~70 pharmacies).
  • A time tracking application used daily by ~50 people.
    Used in Iglu to track projects, clients, tasks & reports.
  • An Intranet for a small company (45 people).
    Features: Custom blogging platform with tagging & comments, user profiles, birthdays, work-anniversaries, a gallery.
  • Consultant for an AngularJS based financial web-application


  • Intranet for a company with ~7000 employees
    FE development
  • Online casinos for Gala Coral Group
    Java & FE development


  • Pair of mobile applications to be used as prototypes


  • Rich single-page web-apps for multiple clients


  • Table tennis tournament manager.
    This was a quick little application created to manage a tournament between ~25 people.
  • Movie watchlist application, using Ionic


  • A hybrid web/mobile application for Smart Home solution FE & Java development


  • Multiple smaller sites
    Mostly custom theme development.